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Players enter an unusual eating contest where they begin having hallucinations out of hunger.

Bananas, each with appealing personalities, will start talking to them in their attempt to find true love!

Choose your banana wisely!

Appeeling Personality is a banana dating sim developed within 72 hours by a team of 6 during the Toronto Game Jam 2018. The game went on to be featured in Kotaku, and various game exhibits such as Bit Bazaar, and MCX. It was also nominated for fan favourite category for GDWC 2018.

Design Challenges

  • Design an experience adhering to the game jam's annual theme, "Winning is for losers".

  • Complete the game's development within 72 hours.

  • Create an easy to pick up core game loop that players can easily enjoy and immerse in. 


Role: Technical Designer

  • Develop and implement overall gameplay functionality.

  • Implement camera visual effects and user interface.