2019 Justin Capcap

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In partnership with:

Booyo Park is a sponsored project by Shadow Factory, a Hong Kong based production company that focuses on location based experiences. The project features a Mixed Reality experience that lets players interact with virtual creatures within the real world.

Read the full report of the project here.

Design Goals

  • Provide users a Mixed Reality experience without the restriction of wires and cables.

  • Design interactions that encourage mobility and freedom of movement.

  • Encourage communication between the user and the audience within a headset simulation.


Role: Technical Game Designer

  • Extensive research on the Windows Mixed headset and Leap Motion APIs and documentation.

  • Write a Technical Design Document demonstrating hardware and software setups.

  • Implement Leap Motion controls, providing user interactions with virtual creatures through advanced hand tracking technology.

  • Implement gameplay functionality, AI state behaviours, and creature interactions.

Gameplay Video