2019 Justin Capcap

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My Level Editor


A tile based 2D level editor where users can easily design and iterate different levels with their choice of top down or side scrolling perspective.

Team Size: 1

Role: Programmer, Game Designer

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity

Design Focus

Designing and applying usability in level editors, while enforcing efficiency in user workflow.


Usability in Level Editors


User-friendly Interface

The interface design for the editor provides a clear distinction between tools and tiles by separating them into two opposing sides. This also shows proper grouping of interface elements, making it easier for users to distinguish them. The interface element selection also provides the appropriate feedback for user clarification.

Teaching the Workflow

Teaching proper order of user actions and providing feedback for user errors. This prevents redundant mistakes and further assures smooth workflow for the user. In addition, tool capabilities allow the user to freely design, reiterate while encouraging exploration with tool usage.