2019 Justin Capcap

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A one tap 2D puzzle game where players switch between 2 environments, enabling and disabling obstacles along their way to reach the goal.

Team Size: 3

Role: Level Designer,

Game Designer

Platform: PC, Android

Engine: Unity


Design Focus

Proper teaching methods, and smooth level progression.


Level Designs


Introduce Core Mechanics 

Lesson 1.1: The player starts with endlessly rolling back and forth on the red curvy platform. Demonstrates the need to switch between the environments in order to progress by enabling the other platforms. At the same time, introducing the very core mechanic of the game.

Lesson 1.2: Reinforcing the same lesson with increased risk since the player can now fall off the level if they don't switch.

Lesson 2.1: Demonstrates how to get through platforms in the same environment by disabling them. But in this scenario, getting through the platform won't be enough. If they don't enable it again, they will only fall off the level. This teaches a strategy where players can use the disabled curvy platforms by enabling them right away the moment they get through it.

Lesson 2.2: Reinforcing the previous lesson by having the player roll all the way back to the middle if they don't switch to disable the platform blocking the path.

Introduce New Elements

Lesson 1: Teaches the player the existence of variations in curvy platforms and the changes in ball trajectory. In addition, introduces the neutral obstacle, an element that will always be present no matter the environment.

Lesson 2: Demonstrates the idea of a level having multiple paths as opposed to a linear one. Just because a path is viable, doesn't mean it's the correct one. This also engages the player to start assessing the level as a whole as they look for alternate paths. Also reinforcing the neutral obstacle.

Lesson 3: Introduces the existence of shortcuts while reinforcing the idea of multiple paths. In addition, this also teaches the player that other paths are more efficient than others (takes less switching to reach the goal).