2019 Justin Capcap

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A turn based multiplayer brawler where players use their cactus tanks to decimate one another while utilizing each of the world's unique mechanics.

Team Size: 5

Role: Game Designer, Programmer, Artist

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity

Design Focus

World building and designing intricate levels with each of the world's unique mechanics.


World Building


Festival World: Key Elements

Round Watermelon

Square Watermelon

- Bouncy platforms.

- Cactii doesn't stick.


- Slippery platforms

- Players will slide downwards depending on the angle of the platform.

- Cactus and players doesn't stick.

Level Experimentation

Experimenting with different levels to encourage players in utilizing the bouncy watermelon and slippery floor mechanic.

Final Level Designs

Final level designs with implemented art assets and gameplay overview.